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Fastest Broadband Everywhere Is Changing The World

Nowadays, fast browsing data speeds enable us to search for anything and everything that comes to our minds, even if we are relaxing on the bed. But did we ever think about the broadband scenario back then in 1990 when the internet was totally new to the masses? Let’s find out about the evolution of broadband and observe how significantly the related plans improved over time.

Broadband in 1990: 90s was the era when the internet became widespread and became accessible to all. During that period, the broadband ran at speed of 56kbps. Compared to today these speeds seem tortoise-like, but for people then the charm of being connected and ability to download an audio file of 3MB was an achievement in itself. As dial-up connection was the only alternative those days, people could not use the internet and make telephone calls simultaneously. Bangalore, then a sleepy town, had woken up to the revolution and was leading networks such as Bharti Airtel. Broadband plans for Bangalore helped the city keep pace with global developments.

Broadband in 2000:
In 2000, there was a transformation seen in the concept of broadband. With the diversion of signals between telephone and internet, the users were now able to make calls and browse their favorite stuff online simultaneously.  Speeds increased as did adoptability when broadband internet moved from offices and homes of rich people to be widely accepted as a part of the growing transformation towards a technology-advanced society.

Broadband in 2011: By the second decade of the 21st century, broadband connections, became a mainstay in homes, as bulky computers gave way to laptops, tablets and smartphones. Wifi connectivity to a broadband internet was offered by networks and used enthusiastically by people of all ages and groups. The demand today is incredibly high and people can subscribe to their favorite packs at cost-friendly prices. Further, the upgradation from 2G to 3G to 4G services made data transfer, uploads and downloads steadier and more convenient.

Broadband in 2017: 2017 is the age of super-fast fiber technology. The groundbreaking technology coupled with unbeatable 4G connections has wholly transformed the idea of operating internet. From bundled offers to standard plans, the customers have a variety of options to choose from. Streaming movies online, and downloading favorite songs or videos in a few seconds has become possible with powerful speeds of broadband.  In fact, with networks offering speeds of up to 100Mbps, the population today is heavily dependent on a reliable broadband connection for smallest of activities including grocery shopping and getting information for a child’s project.


Presence of Fibernet Technology in Europe and India

Cables delivering broadband have also undergone a change, and the latest technology called v-fiber uses copper cables to deliver high-speed internet. The crucial benefits that fibernet technology (V-fiber) has provided to Europe and India are many. It’s only because of the high speeds that the world is now a global village, businesses are flourishing and people are better informed than before. People are not only restricted to using this technology on a single device, instead, they use internet on multiple gadgets and still don’t face any issues with connectivity or speed.


 How are broadband speeds affecting the world?

This is a big question now! According to experts, the broadband speed, if doubled, can lead to economic development of a nation. The education system will improve, the productivity will increase, the income will become better, including the national, and so will the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). There are still numerous places on the map which have no access to broadband or the gadgets on which they can use the broadband Internet in various industry. And we hope that this technology manages to reach every single person on this planet Earth in the coming years and make the world more connected and coherent.


The dial-up connections are long gone, and a few niche operators rule the broadband sector. They have devised broadband plans based solely on the needs and preferences of their customers. The super-fast speeds with minimal interruptions and unlimited data usage indeed pave way for the economic and social development of a nation.


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