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Use of Broadband Across Various Industries and How it Propels Growth

Since the industrial revolution shook the British economy in the 18th century and spread its wings to the rest of the world, industries have been looking for easier and faster ways of communication between all stakeholders. Modern communication, everybody knows is the brainchild of Alexnader Graham Bell, who gave the telephone to the world. Since then, scientists and researchers have created or found newer ways to improve communication. It comes as no surprise that Internet which began as a means of faster communication for the US Department of Defense is today a basic requirement of all industries. In fact it is safe to say that across the spectrum it is needed to grow at a speed, which smoothens functionalities of all industries.

Let’s look at four major sectors, where Internet has affected functionalities and growth.

Agriculture – For an agricultural-based country such as India, the dependency on Internet seems a little far-fetched. But, why should it? Getting weather forecasts, exchanging information about latest methods for organic farming and use of seeds, etc., are all needed to maximize outputs. A good, reliable broadband connection plan allows open communication to research centers across the world, thereby enhancing ability to produce more. The usage is not limited to farming, it can also be used to learn government policies and participate in International forums to stay agile with best practices.

Infrastructure – As India speeds on the digital highway, infrastructure has become the need of the hour. Smart cities are no longer a distant dream, but a reality that Indian residents are experiencing. Manual efforts get reduced as everything operates with a click. Not limited to smart cities, infrastructure is about the use of latest technology to offer the best of services, for e.g., v-fibre technology for broadband services that allow data speeds of up to 100 Mbps, super-highways connecting major cities to reduce travel time, uninterrupted power supplies in rural and urban areas, to name a few. Internet is a major demand for the success of most infra projects as it allows people to share ideas, get approvals and set-up deals with international providers offering latest technologies without wasting precious time.

Lifestyle – The lifestyle industry today has spread its wings to cover every individual in the remotest corner of the country. With an aim to wear the best and look smashing always, men and women of all ages are always want the latest trends for themselves, their homes and offices.  The unlimited broadband plans for the home are a boon as they allow them to surf the net to their heart’s content looking for that perfect floor tiles for their bedroom or a tie to wear to a wedding. For the lifestyle industry influencers, Internet connectivity means reaching out to a wider audience with just one e-store.

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Manufacturing Industries –  As Indian manufacturers compete with lower production costs or higher quality, one thing can be safely said, without Internet, their businesses would suffer. Today, with just a click they have at their disposal the means to check their competition, and create products to stay ahead. Contacting buyers, or sellers, who are interested in their products no longer requires immense travel, and can easily be done from the confines of their office with the help of a reliable broadband connection. It is easier to engage larger teams to explain processes and USPs, thereby saving time and resources which can be further utilized for increasing and improving their product line.

All-in-all, it is safe to say, the growth of every industry in the country benefits from the broadband plans used by the stakeholders in their offices or industrial units.

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