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Quick Recharge to Your Mobile While Traveling

In the Internet age, staying connected has become all-important. Whether for work or pleasure, not having access to the Internet can throw things out of balance. Traveling is one aspect that requires some planning where Internet connectivity is concerned. It is not always possible to extend the life of mobile data, especially on a long trip. Frequent recharges are expensive as well and not being able to top-up when in an area with poor connectivity can be frustrating. The same applies to talk-time and SMS packs. However, there are a few ways to make sure you always have sufficient mobile data and balance for calls when on the move.

Recharge Conveniently

Quick recharge is an efficient way of topping up your phone with what you need. All you have to do is enter your mobile phone number, browse packs and make a choice. The feature also selects the best offers for you. Once you have picked a pack, you make the payment and your phone is recharged. It is that simple.

You can save money too. Customers who use Airtel Payments bank can receive 5 percent Cashback or up to INR 25 per transaction for four transactions each month.

Recharge with a Solid Pack

You can choose from many recharge packs. Some offer extra calling minutes, more SMS and additional mobile data. Before purchasing a pack, decide what you want. If you are a heavy Internet user, you will want to recharge your phone with an Internet pack that offers a couple of GBs worth of data for about a month’s validity at the least. Some offers start from as low as INR 38 with 4 days validity to INR 297 that has 1.75GB of 3G/4G data, in addition to night data of 1.75GB with 28 days validity.

If you require talktime, you can go for a full talktime pack. Traveling within the country would call for a national roaming pack, such as one that provides low-cost outgoing calls for both local and STD. If you are traveling abroad, you will likely want a pack that offers unlimited incoming calls, free minutes and SMSes as well as some free data.

Minimize Usage

Data-hungry apps can drain your mobile Internet and before you come to know, it is time to recharge again. When using a maps app, consider storing maps you need for offline use. Do this before you travel to save data. Talk-time packs that provide free Airtel to Airtel or local calls can help you save big.


Try to Switch to Wi-Fi

Conserving mobile data has to be the biggest concern for travelers since it can drain quickly. One way to save data is to switch to Wi-Fi whenever possible and turn off mobile data when you are not using it. Do make sure that you connect to a secure network that requires a password to log in. It is important to stay safe.


Turn off Background Data

Apps that run in the background and connect to the Internet can use up mobile data quickly. A quick way to check this is to restrict the apps that are allowed to connect. You will be surprised by how much data – and battery – you save.

Traveling can be fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Having sufficient talktime and mobile data to last you throughout your journey is a big bonus. However, with quick and easy recharge topping up your mobile plan or making payments is no longer difficult. The tips given here can help you save both so that you always stay connected.

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