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Enjoy Unlimited Calls to Any Network Even on Roaming with Bonus Data

For many of us, mobile phones are more than just a luxury. They are, in fact, an innate part of our lives. Right from work-related communication, to heart-to-heart conversations with our loved ones, our mobile phones rule our lives. And voice calls aren’t the only reason we are hooked to our phones. We also have an incessant need to access the Internet for various searches, as well as for net-based mobile apps. Considering all of these requirements, it is more than essential for us to opt for unlimited calling plans in Delhi. Moreover, these unlimited plans can sometimes offer us with some added freebies thus ensuring that they prove to be great value for our money!

There are several service providers claiming to offer the best postpaid plans in Delhi, However only the leaders are offering a strong network and seamless services one of them being Airtel. Its newly introduced myPlan Infinity seems to have captured the imagination of every mobile user. Under this plan, a user can choose the Rs. 649 monthly rental alternative, and enjoy a plethora of benefits such as -


1.Unlimited Voice Calls

The myPlan Infinity with a monthly rental of Rs. 649 offers a unlimited voice calling every month, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise when it is the most sought-after plan by a large majority of users of postpaid connection. Users can make calls to any network free of cost without worrying about increased charges. 


2.Free Calls on Roaming

The Rs. 649 monthly rental plan avails the facility of free incoming calls within the circle as well as on roaming. The free incoming on roaming and free outgoing on roaming for some of the plans proves to be a great advantage for users who are required to travel frequently due to work related or personal purposes. The one benefit that the company offers to its subscribers i the Delhi/NCR region is seamless communication.


3.Abundant Data Allowance 

The plan also encompasses a 3G/4G data allowance of up to a whopping 7 GB per month, which is commendable even for people who intend to use the data services more often than not. Ideal for people with job profiles which need them to stay connected to the Internet for long periods of time, this plan offers an incredible 30 GB bonus data for 3 months for postpaid customers.


4.Free Text Messages

As a matter of fact, this plan encompasses free text messaging services, making it more than just appreciable for people who still need to rely on SMS services in order to stay in touch with their business associates and/or personal contacts.


5.Entertainment Services 

The service provider offers a plethora of entertainment services such as music, movies and more. The Rs. 649 plan allows a user to enjoy as many as 5 movies per bill cycle, along with unlimited music at no extra cost! This is something that isn’t offered by other players in the market, and thus acts as a USP for Airtel!


  1. The wonder of telephones is that we can call everyone and get calls from everyone all the time. However, sometimes your husband may be calling or getting 800 from women that you don't want him talking to. Even if you look in his telephone he may disguise the phone numbers under male names, or perhaps he doesn't even put a name on it.


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