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Full Talk-Time Recharge for Mobile Phones With Prepaid Plan

Indians love communicating on the go! Mobile phones have become the heart & soul of every Indian, whether living closer or far away. Full talk-time recharge vouchers are everybody's favorite.

Mostly, the younger generation prefers full talk-time recharge vouchers, because they want to stay connected with their loved ones. They come in all price ranges and easily purchased from any store selling them.


Nowadays, with the rise of smart-phone and consequent development in mobile application, a person does not need to go anywhere but simply purchase a recharge voucher over the phone itself, which saves a lot of time and assures continued talk-time with near & dear.

There are many service providers that are offering full-talk time recharge at highly competitive prices. With full-talk time, you can avail the minutes of recharge on the particular amount of money that you’ve paid.


Prepaid Services In India

There are many interesting packages for local, national and even international calling offered by various services providers in India. There are several combinations that you can create or request from the customer service.

As a new customer you can go with any basic package that includes local calling and at least a 100MB of data spanning anywhere between 30 to 90 days. Then, you can purchase add-ons, top-up recharge vouchers corresponding to your region since each is specifically catered for different States and cities of India.

The top-up recharge vouchers cover all aspects of Smartphone usage, SMS, MMS, Mobile Internet: GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G etc and also, calling. 

Using one of these vouchers for calling, you can connect with anyone located locally or nationwide without a hiccup.

Some vouchers, fortunately do not charge any processing fees, and so, they are called "full talk-time recharge" vouchers. These vouchers are sold by various telecom service providers, which make their way into your neighborhood stores and are readily available on mobile App as well.


Full Talk-time Recharge

The full talk-time recharge voucher gives you the complete amount of the voucher as credits that you can use towards calling, whether local or national.

International calling would include prices higher than national, of course, but the fact at hand remains the same. When you purchase a talk-time recharge coupon, ask your vendor to make sure it offers a full talk-time feature, that way you get the best deal for your money.

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There are cheaper vouchers for as less as  Rs.15, that expire anywhere between 1 day to 7 days, and then there are high priced vouchers, more than Rs.100 and going up to Rs.10,000 where you can enjoy the full recharge to call the whole state, if you have a lot of friends or family living in different regions.



Typically, you can add as many recharge vouchers as you like, these are called Add-Ons. When you open an account with your favorite service provider, you will buy a package, and add-on as many vouchers as you like, for local calling, national calling, texting, etc.

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