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Postpaid Plans Offerings. Some Old. Some New.

Today’s operators offer affordable postpaid plans to customers, enabling them to make calls, send messages and use the Internet at next to nothing. Airtel’s unlimited postpaid plans are a great example. Customers who have taken their connections from the city can avail numerous offers to make staying in touch cheap and easy.

Best-Selling Postpaid Plans

The most popular plans are those that customers deem worth the money. Airtel has several bestsellers that you can choose from. If you’re already using a plan, you can upgrade it with a few clicks of the button. There are a plethora of unlimited plans with bonus data under myPlan Infinity to the Pune residents. Here’s a look at some of the popular postpaid plans:
  • Rs 299: For Rs. 299 rental, customers get 680 minutes of local and STD calls, unlimited roaming incoming calls, and 0.6 GB of 3G/4G data.
  • Rs 399: For a rental plan of Rs. 399, customers are entitled to 765 minutes of local and STD calls, unlimited roaming incoming calls, and 1 GB data. You also get 1 GB bonus data for 3 months.
  • Rs 499: The Rs. 499 plan offers even more value for money. Customers can enjoy unlimited local and STD calls and roaming incoming calls as well as a solid 3 GB of 3G/4G data. 
  • Rs 649: For Rs. 649, customers are entitled to unlimited local + STD calls and unlimited roaming incoming + outgoing calls. 5 GB of 3G/4G data sweetens the deal. 
  • Rs 799: The last of the best-selling postpaid plans in Pune under myPlan Infinity has a rental of Rs. 799 and offers unlimited local, STD, roaming incoming and roaming outgoing calls, and 7 GB of 3G/4G data. 

Customers who opt for Rs 499, Rs 649 or Rs 799 plans and who have 4G handsets are eligible to receive extra data. There is also a bonus Airtel value offer. New customers with 4G handsets will be provided 10 GB data every month for three billing cycles at no additional cost. 


myPlan Family

Launched in 2014, myPlan Family allows users to customize their postpaid plans in Pune (and other places as well) and share the benefits with as many as five family members. It’s affordable and promises zero wastage. There will be one primary number that acts as a host. The account holder can select a postpaid plan from three rentals. The rentals themselves offer pre-decided units that can be combined depending on usage. Once that’s done, the account holder can add as many as 5 postpaid accounts for a fee of Rs. 99 per account per month to share the benefits of the chosen plan. Every member enjoys calls, text and data as well as unlimited calls within the family.


myPlan Control

Customers using corporate postpaid plans in Pune can enjoy the benefits of prepaid data recharge. It works by letting you topup with prepaid Internet that doesn’t reflect on your postpaid bill. No more having to wait for corporate approval! Just choose a prepaid pack that suits your needs, pay and you’re set. You can top-up as many times as you want in a single month.

Airtel makes managing your account easier with a mobile app that you can download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can backup phone data, pay bills, recharge, transfer funds, download music, read books and do a whole lot more. With so many benefits being offered, it’s time to consider switching your mobile phone plan to any one of the postpaid plans. You will be able to avail deals, promotions and offers to make your call, text and Internet experience a cut above the rest. 

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