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Airtel Myplan Family - Sharing is Caring!

When you think of sharing with family members, these are the typical things that you would think of – a restaurant dinner with your dad, a dress with your annoying younger sister, a coke with your brother, your car with your mum, your grandma’s chandelier earrings – the list is quite long. When we share, wit her happily or grumpily, it is a sign of caring, love and esteem that we feel for these individuals. With so many things that you can share, did you ever think that postpaid family plans can show how much you love and care.

That’s true! You can share your postpaid plans with your family members.  Bharti Airtel, the leading telecom service provider in India has created the myPlan Family.


A Brief Summary of the Plan

The plan is called myPlan Family, and it can be shared with up to five family members. The primary member can share calling and data with up to the dependent members.


The People You Can Show You Care

Apart from your spouse, parents or kids, you can share the plan with grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends and that special someone with whom the relationship is not yet defined. Share with 1 or share with 5, the choice is yours.


The Cost of the Primary Plan

The primary member can choose any postpaid family plan starting from Rs 299 up to Rs 1599


The Cost of the Dependent Plans

The plan can be bought for two price points as given below.

  1. Rs 99 - Pay Rs. 99 per number per month and you can share calling and data along with unlimited voice calling between the primary number and one dependent number. If you want to share your plan with wife and daughter, you need to buy two dependent plans for Rs. 99, each and then you can enjoy unlimited calling at no extra cost with both of them.
  2. Rs. 199 -  Pay Rs. 199 per number per year and you can share calling and data benefits with a family member. This is more favorable for a person who has limited usage of both calls and data.

You can choose any of the two above mentioned plans, for example choose 3 plans for Rs 99 and 2 for Rs 199. Go all for 99 or all for 199, the choice is all yours


The Steps to Show You Care

The steps you take to purchase these postpaid plans for family are very simple.  Go to the website and click on myPlan Family. Choose a plan per your budget and then choose 99 or 199 plan for each of your dependent members. You also need to customize the monthly data and voice calls as per the individual needs of each member.  A slider is provided that eases the process of customization. Then click on payments, and you and your loved ones are ready to activate and share the plan benefits.


The Value of the Plan

Though showing a person you care is invaluable, the myPlan Family allows you to share
  1. Voice Calls – local and STD
  2. Data 
  3. 150 SMS per month

Say no to wastage, as you can customize the plan as per the individual requirements of each family member.


One Thing that you don’t Share

The bill that you pay to make the payments for the plan is something you need not share with your loved ones. Take that onus on yourself and get one bill for all the numbers you add to the family plan.


To Sum Up

Sharing ensures that there is no wastage or overspend when done correctly. The primary member availing the plan can share the value of the plan with up to five family members and show them that sharing is truly caring.

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