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Upgrade Your Airtel Plan and Enjoy a Seamless and Uninterrupted Service

India is growing in terms of smartphone users and how! It is expected to take over the crown from the US for the largest number of smartphone users - as the number is set to increase to 340.2 million in 2017 and 469.7 million in 2021. As the airwaves become crowded and the telecom players fight it out to rule the skies, most operators, are offering postpaid mobile plans at the most budget-friendly prices, to ensure that their subscriber base is the highest.

In this fight consumers reign supreme, they are being offered unlimited local and STD calls, free incoming and outgoing for roaming, data-tiers as per plan, family plans that allow sharing of data, voice and SMS and the one that is attracting attention the most, plan customization. You can now customize your plans to meet the individualistic and unique requirements of yourself and your family members-companies such as Airtel offer these customizations and benefits under myPlan Infinity, myPlan family and myPlan.

When a consumer switches to Airtel 4G, they can chose from the following postpaid plans:

  • Under myPlan, plans start for as low as Rs. 199 and go all the way up to Rs. 1599 with the option of customizing individualistic needs of both data and voice calls to eliminate wastage.
  • Under myPlan family, share your calls, data and sms with five (up to) family members. Choose between Rs . 99 per month (get unlimited free calling between chosen family members) or Rs. 199 per year
  • Under myPlan Infinity, enjoy data from 3GB to 40GB for Rs. 499 and Rs. 2999, respectively, while getting a lot of freebies – local and STD calls, sms, free subscription to the movies and music app. For Rs. 499 get incoming on roaming free, and for the rest of the plans, incoming and outgoing, both are free from roaming costs.
The company has increased its network strength by eight times in all 22 of its sectors and has already doubled it mobile site. With the expansion, the company has increased its strength to 180,000 mobiles sites and all this to ensure seamless and faultless experiences. Data usage is another aspect of the postpaid plans that Airtel is ensuring it gets right as it is an inherent need for all consumers to stay connected to family and friends on-the-go. It uses a tiered approach - the higher the plan, the higher will be the data limits.

The company is not limiting its offerings to fantastic tariff plans and eliminating wastage of calls and data, it is also ensuring that users enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted service in every corner of the country. You would benefit to remember that Ookla, the global leader in mobile speed tests, has rated the telecom giant as the fastest mobile network in the country. A shift to Airtel 4G will ensure voice clarity on calls and do away with call drops and disturbances and get high speed Internet data with minimum buffering and no interruptions. It is great time for you as a consumer, as pocket-friendly, seamless and uninterrupted services go hand-in-hand for postpaid mobile plans!

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