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Tips to Protect Your Handset From Damage

A Smartphone is most important instrument that stays with us from the time we wake up till the time we go to sleep. It contains all the information we need to work and play, keep in touch with loved ones, make payments as and when the need arises, take pictures and capture memories, the list is pretty endless. No wonder, its safety is becoming a priority, not only for the consumers but also for the Smartphone network providers.  You can get peace of mind by buying a secure app and here are a few things that you should look out for to ensure complete handset damage protection.

Get an app that provides repairs –
A good app should provide repairs for your phone for at least 60 per cent of the value of the phone if there is damage caused by accident or a liquid enters it. A good service provider will even save you the trouble and offer a ‘pick and drop’ facility from your home or office.

Offers storage for data on cloud – Space to store all important data in a safe cloud you need to keep your information safe. With 2GB of space, store not only your own important documents but also those of your family.

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Protects against malware and phishing – Malwares exist despite the Internet community working hard to erase them and hence, you need to protect your phone against them. Viruses and phishing scams attack without any warning and a good handset protection will warn you and be ready to abort attacks.

Security in case of theft – If your handset falls into wrong hands, you could be caught in a social media storm that causes embarrassment or lead to business losses as confidential information gets leaked. Get a smart app that helps you to remotely locate the handset. Then go ahead, to lock your mobile and erase data with the help of an SMS or an online portal.

Blocks spam – A handset protection app will block spam. Spam can cause trouble and clog up your messaging services, email or even your phone functionality. Additionally, there should also be an option to block calls and sms from numbers as specified by you.

Backup for all contacts – Losing phone numbers of school friends or the email ID of a former boss can lead to a lot of misery. With good phone protection software, even if you accidently delete a contact you can retrieve the details. So, go ahead and backup all your contacts and no need to lose touch with anybody, ever again.

Should work on all devices – It does not matter if your handset is on android or iOS, the app should work to protect one and all.  If brand is manufactured in India, or has a service center in the country, your app should have the means to protect and repair all of them.

Through the tips mentioned above you can choose an app or a service provider who protect your handset all year round. An app such as Airtel Handset Damage Protection comes at just Rs 49 per month and is available for all major mobile brands and platforms.

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