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Ultimate Guide To Digital Transactions for Mobile Recharge

The Indian population is adopting digital payment services, a move aimed at building a cashless economy. Though people have caught onto the usage of digital transactions, several of them still struggle with the intricacies of the online world. It is here that payments apps that allow for online mobile recharge, payment of bills, transfer of money, etc. are a big help. The first step for all is to first download the app on the phone, register an account and then use the app as desired.

Here, is a guide to digital transactions for mobile recharge.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are electronic accounts and are offered by several vendors. As the name suggests, all a person has to do is add money to the digital wallet and then use that money to pay for any goods and services availed. Money can be transferred to a digital wallet via any of your bank accounts. Since nearly every shop accepts a digital transaction, they are as good as carrying cash in your wallet. The biggest advantages of a digital wallet is doing away with carrying cash in a purse or wallet. No need to worry about change or getting candy when the shopkeeper does not have change to return.

PoS (Point of Sale)

Also known as Point of Purchase, this software is used by merchants at the cash register. Now consisting of a computer, bar code scanner, customer display, and debit card reader, it now also allows customers to make payments directly via net banking as well as digital wallets. A digital wallet is a better idea as you can restrict the amount to be used, and can help control expenditures.

Recharge Apps

A mobile recharge app allows you to make online recharges for your mobile. For example if you download the MyAirtel App, you can use the app to make payments for mobile recharge of other networks apart from Airtel. Most of the   also allow you to pay for other services like utility bills, online shopping, sending and receiving money, et cetera. Schemes and offers are available on such apps and are a good way to save money.


Unified Payments Interface or UPI gives you the power to manage all your bank accounts from a single app interface. One of the biggest advantages of using UPI is its availability 365 days a year. To start using UPI, you need to download a UPI app. The next step is to sync all your bank accounts with the app. Later, you can use any of the synced accounts to pay for your transactions.  Varying from mobile recharge to online shopping, you can do everything from a UPI app on your Smartphone.

Other Options

Other options available for digital transactions are Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)-based Mobile Banking and Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS).


With so many options available for making digital transactions for mobile recharge and other transactions, it is better to choose one giving multiple benefits from one app. 


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