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Airtel Offers Data Roll Back Services to Postpaid Customer

The term data rollover is self-explanatory, each month with your mobile plan you get certain quota of calling and data allowance. There might be some amount of data that remains unused at the end of the month and it ceases to exist, and gets replaced with data allowance of the next month.  However, Airtel, India’s largest telecom provider announced In July’17 that it would offer its customers facility of data rollover to the next month. The offer started from August 1, is exclusively for Airtel postpaid customers. According to the telecom giant, the unused 3G/4G data of the consumer left at the end of the billing cycle would be added to next month quota.

 To explain it further, with ‘data rollover’ the unused data allowance of present month gets forwarded or rolled over to the next month rather than expiring on 30th day of your mobile plan.  For instance if your airtel postpaid plan provides you 10GB of data per month and you use 8GB, then the balance of 2GB will be rolled over to next month making the total available data to 12GB. It sounds simple and attractive and works well for people. This facility is available to all Airtel postpaid customers.

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Under this offer the maximum limit of data that can be accumulated is 200GB of 3G/4G per customer. It is valid for the base data plan taken by the subscriber. As part of the Airtel postpaid promise offer, the ‘zero wastage’ offer is an added bonus to the customers. Data rollover is a boon for people who may have lower usage in a month but higher usage another month, then they don’t require to pay extra. This particular offer cannot be clubbed with any other plan. The subscriber has to stick to the existing plan to enjoy data rollover facility. It is possible to check how much data is rolled over by sending an SMS from My Airtel app. Subscribers of postpaid 3G/4G automatically get rollover facility.

Current customers data was automatically ‘rolled’ to the next month and new customers were naturally attracted to the content. With Airtel Data rollover offer, the company has established that consumer is king by understanding a concern faced by them and addressing it.

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