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Unlimited Calling – Unstoppable Price Wars?

Today, mobile service providers are promising unlimited calling on local and STD for low-cost plans. Customers can choose from several options to find one that best suits their usage. The intense competition between providers has sparked a price war that sees customers benefiting big.

Affordable Plans

Airtel’s myPlan Infinity has a range of rental plans for postpaid customers. They start as low as Rs 299 and above offering unlimited local and STD calling. Customers in Chennai can buy unlimited postpaid plans in Chennai to get even more benefits than unlimited calling. They receive 3G/4G data capped at different limits depending on the plan chosen. New connections also get bonus data for 3 months that varies based on the plan. Here is a look at some of the best-sellers:
  • Rs 299: 680 minutes of local and STD calls with unlimited roaming incoming. Customers get 0.6 GB of 3G/4G data free per month after which they will be charged. 
  • Rs 399: Unlimited local and STD calls and unlimited roaming incoming. Customers get 1 GB of 3G/4G data per month. New connections get bonus mobile data of 1 GB for the first 3 months. 
  • Rs 649: The plan provides unlimited local, STD, roaming incoming and roaming outgoing calls. Customers can enjoy 7 GB of 3G/4G data each month in addition to 10 GB bonus data for new connections for 3 months. 
  • Rs 799: This plan promises unlimited calling on local, STD, roaming incoming and outgoing and 9 GB of 3G/4G mobile data. New customers also get 10 GB free data for 3 months.
Unlimited calling plans provide customers with the freedom to make calls without being barred. This is extremely convenient for high usage users who would otherwise be charged once they reach their calling limit. The affordable cost means that users from all walks of life can enjoy the benefits of unlimited calls.


The Race is On

With competition between mobile service providers heating up, customers are the ones who are benefiting the most. Never before have there been so many low-cost rental plans that offer more than just unlimited calling. With 3G and 4G coverage steadily extended to more regions and people using Smartphones more than ever, service providers are trying to attract and retain customers by delivering benefits bundled with postpaid plans.  Customers get the full package at a fraction of the cost.

Competition Heats up Abroad

This race to stay on top can be seen abroad too. Mobile service providers are rolling out unlimited calling plans in a bid to retain customers. Telecom operators are offering rental plans with unlimited calls, text and data or unlimited calls, text and data on four lines. These attractive offers is the primary reason for users to shift towards postpaid services provided by various Telecom players. In addition, service providers offer customers attractive contracts on older mobile phones and new Smartphone purchases. 

Mobile phone users looking to get the best deals on their mobile plans can opt for postpaid plans that offer unlimited calling and other benefits. Existing plans can be upgraded too. It’s an easy way to save money and get as much as value as possible.

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