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For the Best Network Coverage! Switch to Airtel

Speedtest.net from Ookla is a famed global Web service that provides a detailed analysis of a network connection. On March 2, 2017, Ookla crowned Airtel, India’s biggest telecom provider, with the title of India’s fastest mobile network. 

Airtel is providing impeccable telecom services to consumers for about two decades now. The latest announcement from Ookla has cemented the leading Indian telecom provider’s image as a consistent and reliable mobile network provider, aimed at providing superb online experience to subscribers. 

There are several perks of joining India’s biggest mobile network, varying from enjoying unlimited data plans to have the widest network coverage across the country. Some of the biggest advantages of using Airtel as your primary mobile operator are: 

Widest Network Coverage

Together with enjoying unlimited calling plans in Delhi and elsewhere in India, joining Airtel gives you the advantage to enjoy the widest network coverage across the country.
Doesn’t matter where you travel in India, Airtel gives you full network coverage so that you don’t lose track of your loved ones. Every now and then, India’s leading mobile network provider is adding more network equipment to provide you with the best network even in the remotest areas of the country.

Variety of Plans to Choose From

Airtel offers a wide range of packs for both prepaid and postpaid connections. Calling, texting, or data, you can choose from various recharge plans to fulfil all your requirements without burning a hole in your pocket.
Those looking to enjoy continuous uninterrupted services might like to make use of unlimited postpaid plans offered by Airtel, endorsed as myPlan Infinity recharges. These recharge plans are available in a number of variants to suit different user requirements.
You can pick an unlimited calling plan with Airtel postpaid for as low as INR 499 with myPlan Infinity 499. Do boundless calling from any part of the country without worrying about running out of calling minutes. Enjoy 5 GB monthly data with the monthly recharge plan. 
myPlan Infinity 649 allows you to enjoy all features of myPlan Infinity 499 with additional roaming feature allowing you full freedom to make unlimited calling even while on roaming. Get 7 GB monthly data with the monthly recharge plan.
If you find 7 GB monthly data lacking for your cause then you can go for myPlan Infinity 799. The monthly recharge plan brings all features of myPlan Infinity 649 with the exception of 10 GB monthly data. 

Airtel postpaid’s premium unlimited calling plan comes in the form of myPlan Infinity 1199. The monthly recharge plan offers consumers to enjoy all benefits of myPlan Infinity 799, together with 18 GBs of 3G/4G data. 
As an added benefit, all myPlan Infinity monthly plans provide 10 GB additional data, valid for three months, to new users. In addition, all packs allow Data Rollover, which we will discuss next.

Data Rollover

Your monthly pack allows you some GBs of data, out of which you use only a few, and the remaining data dissolves at the end. This is true for all mobile operators except Airtel.
With the Data Rollover feature, you are able to carry forward your unused data from the previous data cycle to the next data cycle. For instance, if you use only 1 GB out of 2 GB monthly data, then the unused 1 GB data will be added to your upcoming data cycle.


With so many recharge plans to choose from and the best network coverage, you might like to join Airtel ASAP to enjoy an interrupted connectivity.

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