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How To Download Songs From Wynk App

Music makes the heart strings strum, and when you are listening to some of your favorite songs, it can just elevate your mood, from sadness to happiness, from laziness to upbeat. Whatever the mood you are in, today, there is no need for CDs, DVDs or for that matter, even pen drives. All you need is an app, downloaded on your mobile phone, with curated playlists, to meet your every mood. And one of the best apps available in the market today is the Wynk App, which comes from the stable of India’s leading telecom provider, Airtel.

The app can be downloaded on your mobile, all you have to do is visit, http://www.airtel.in/wynkmusic/. The app, which is rich in features, is not limited to Airtel users. If you have a mobile connection other than Airtel, then you too can download the app. It takes just a few minutes and once installed, you are ready to enjoy the largest range of songs from national as well as international singers. To download the app, all you have to do choose between any of the three CTAs, go the respective link given and click install.


 Installing the app for MP3 songs

You may have to sign in to continue. All Airtel customers can download the app for free and they will receive a pack of Rs. 99 for free every month. Customers can go ahead and register themselves on the app with the Airtel mobile number. Subscribers to Wynk can download the songs and play them offline, without using their mobile data. All you have to do is go the My Music Section, click on the song you are in the mood to hear, click download  and start playing.

Wynk Downloader is a free application which enables you to get your preferred songs downloaded from the Wynk app without paying the monthly subscription fee. With access to over 2.8 million songs and unlimited download, the music streaming and downloading app, provides excellent music quality ensuring a seamless experience at a nominal price of just Rs 29 per month for Airtel users and Rs 99 per month for non-Airtel users  for unlimited downloads. All you have to do is choose the song and click on download, or play. Just remember, online streaming requires you to use your mobile data. The app provides an endless collection of mp3 download songs in both regional and international categories presented in the most convenient and user-friendly manner on their home page.


 The advantages

  • No ads while the songs are streaming
  • Free download songs available at a click even when you are offline
  • Superior voice and music quality
  • Keep track of the songs you have listened to
  • Create your own favorite list or enjoy one from the thousand available and divided as per genre, mood, artists and more.
  • International star Ed Sheeran or Desi Boy Arijit, all are available for MP3 free download
  • Bhangra to bhajans, rock to romantic, all the genres that you can think of are available
  •  Enjoy regional songs in languages such as Punjabi, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Rjasthani, Kannada, and many more languages
  • You can now enjoy uninterrupted music for hours and hours with radio on the internet

It is quite simple to download the app as well as the songs, the whole process takes just a few minutes.  Download all your favourite songs for free with the help of Wynk Downloader from the Wynk Application itself and keep in mind that the downloaded songs will stay on the app. But in case you have any doubts regarding the entire process, go to FAQ section on the website or you can wathch this video here:-

The video provided below which features a tutorial for the same demonstrating the whole process.

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