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Broadband Speeds in Delhi - Why They Need To Be The Fastest

Delhi, has always been a hub of activity, and has been a major city in the Indian subcontinent for centuries. Early books and musings by traders, travelers and rulers show that the city has been home to businessmen, artisans, students and government officials. Ever since the British shifted the capital from Kolkata to Delhi, the city has experienced an unbeatable growth, and today it is the established hub for industries, the central government, foreign embassies, students, traders and multinational companies. Each group needs the reliable and fast broadband connection and plans to excel and achieve success.

Students – The Delhi University, JNU, IITs, and thousands of schools and colleges, isn’t it amazing that the city is a potpourri of students from across the world! They come here to learn, grow, and have fun along the way. Each one needs a reliable broadband connection in their homes, PGs and hostels to stay connected with loved ones living away from them and also on the latest class/campus news.

Politicians – Since the city houses both the parliaments, it is understood that chambers and meeting rooms of the country’s leaders need broadband in Delhi offering both reliability and consistent speeds. Today it is easy for an MP or an MLA to keep track on the goings-on of their constituency with the help of the Internet, which allows their offices and staff to monitor events and keep in touch with relevant authorities.

Foreign Workers – All big and small countries of the world have their embassies in the city, and this means that a large foreign population lives in the city. In their homes and apartments, these people need the dependency of companies and plans such as the Airtel broadband wifi plans in Delhi offer them safety and security apart from speeds.

Traders – With software and apps becoming integral to even the smallest of traders, it is not unsurprising to see each shop with Internet connectivity. High speeds of their broadband connection allow them to maintain stock updates with their storage units in a different location, or keep track of sale inventory at all times. 

Professionals – Ranging from Chartered Accountants to Lawyers, Consultant Engineers and Freelance writers, all are dependent on their broadband plans to reach out to potential customers. Face-to-face communications happen after initial conversations via emails or studying social profiles. Keeping social profiles updated with regular posts and videos is essential, and for that, each professional is dependent on their broadband wifi plans.

Homemakers – Homemakers are the least appreciated professionals who work without a break or holiday. For all who think they use the Internet only to chat, surf social media or watch movies, you could not be more wrong. Internet connectivity has given them access to online shopping, reading up on DIY projects, staying connected with children’s school teachers, and pursuing interests. For example, an avid reader can join book clubs, read free books online, or someone who loves stitching can learn how to sew a designer bedcover from an old saree.

The use of broadband, by the above groups, is just a few of the vast examples of why speeds of broadband in Delhi need to be the fastest.

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