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Factors to Consider While Selecting Best Deals for Broadband Connection

There’s never been a better time than today for Indian Internet users. From having to suffer the lowest Internet speeds in the Asia-Pacific region to gaining access to speeds of up to 100 mbps, Indian consumers are witnessing a sea change in terms of their Internet connectivity. And this push is here to stay – in a recent statement, the Indian Telecom Ministry has predicted that the number of Internet subscribers in India will reach 780 million by 2020. The Ministry also asserted that the minimum download speeds that these users will have access to will be 2 mbps.

This shift comes at an interesting time for India, where broadband Internet has practically become a way of life. From video-streaming Internet-enabled platforms such as Netflix and Hotstar to social media platforms that increasingly require users to view and share data-heavy video content, the call to switch to a high-speed broadband connection has never been stronger and more urgent.

Several providers in India – such as Airtel broadband – have been quick to rise to the changing needs and preferences of Indian broadband users. Many now offer high-speed broadband connections for a fraction of what Indian broadband once cost, thereby ensuring that broadband Internet is cheap and readily accessible. If you’ve been contemplating switching to a high-speed broadband plan, how do you decide which Internet plans works the best with your needs and preferences? Also, how do you determine whether or not you are getting the best value for your money?

Consider your usage

All too often, Indian Internet users tend to choose plans that have little to do with their Internet consumption habits. For instance, if you are an office-goer or a college student who only uses their Internet connection after office-hours or during the weekend, you need a plan that allows you enough flexibility without compromising on speed. Similarly, if you are a heavy Internet user or a work-from-home professional who needs a reliable, high-speed connection for professional purposes, make sure to choose a plan accordingly.

More value = more freedom

While the number of broadband providers in India has practically shot through the roof, the rates offered by different providers may vary – make sure to check these thoroughly before you sign on the dotted line. Most users in Delhi NCR region will find Airtel’s broadband plans, which offer 60GB of data for only INR 899, quite attractive. The fact that these broadband plans in Delhi come with a speed upto100mbps is only the cherry on the top! A reliable high-speed connection ensures that you can say goodbye to painful buffering and poor quality video calls

Also, enquire about any additional money-savers that your Internet service provider may throw in to sweeten the deal. Airtel, for instance, offers a free WiFi device for a truly wireless experience, in addition to free games and music. Your Airtel broadband plan also comes with unlimited local and STD calls at no extra cost.. To add some perspective, your Airtel plan offers you high speed Internet, superb connectivity and a phenomenal amount of talk time for the price of three movie tickets!

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A seamless experience

Look for a broadband provider who doesn’t just offer the best broadband deals, but also the best Internet experience. Key to this is excellent customer service and a reputation for reliability to ensure that your Internet is always on and always connected.

To summarize, when choosing a broadband connection, pay attention to the three basic parameters of speed, reliability and excellent customer service. Top this up with any freebies or value-additions that make your broadband usage more enjoyable. When choosing a broadband provider, make sure to check out Airtel’s broadband plans that are priced as low as INR 899 and have speeds of up to 100 mbps. You’ll be amazed at just how much value you can get for your hard-earned money.


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